The Fuhgeddaboudit Field Goal Package

The Fuhgeddaboudit Field Goal Package

Pre-Season Football Starts TONIGHT! Many have been arguing back and forth whether the NFL should keep pre-season football or get rid of it all together. That argument has been going on for years, some stating that a longer regular season would be better. Season ticket holders have expressed anger about pre-season ticket prices and as a result – this year we are seeing lower prices for pre-season games across the board in the NFL.

If the NFL can save money for their fans, so can we! That’s why we are promoting our newest offer. The Fuhgeddaboudit Field Goal package – It’s good!!!

It includes 1 pie, 18 wings, & 2 heros (chicken, sausage, meatball, eggplant) for $36.99. This deal is valued at $50. Our offer saves you over 25% off your order.

Ordering for a larger group? Then upgrade with “The Two Point Conversion” which adds another pie for just 10 dollars more.

Should the pre-season get cut? Does it make a difference? We aren’t sure but while it’s here MIGHT AS WELL ENJOY IT! Four more weeks of pre-season just means that we are a month away from MEANINGFUL FOOTBALL GAMES!

So let’s start getting into the swing of things here and start planning your FANTASY FOOTBALL drafts while you still can. Because before you know it football action will be taking over your living room every SUNDAY and MONDAY. Who will you be rooting for?

“Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All specials and promotions valid for a limited time only. Please call for current prices.”

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