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Michael S.

There is a lot of competition around Northport for the best slice, but I’m going to have to give the award to Gino’s. The regular slice is in fact what one reviewer called a “better than sex” slice of pizza. This is the place I would show to out-of-staters to show them how good we have it here. Quite possibly the best slice I’ve ever had.

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Brittany S.

You can judge a pizza place by many things: the sauce, the cheese, is it cooked too well done… But the one thing that I always judge a pizza place by is their buffalo slice. Gino’s blows away its competition 100%. The veggie pizza is superb as well. Prices are also more than fair, which is a rarity these days!!!

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Dang J.

Really good pizza at fair prices. Regular slice is awesome and a go-to for me when i’m looking for a quick, cheap bite in the area. Foccacia and grandma slices are also pretty dank. My friends all rave about the buffalo slice but it isn’t my favorite. I haven’t tried much off their regular menu but I have tried their chicken madiera pasta and it was phenomenal.

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“If you’re looking for a nice place to dine in, or just want a high quality delicious slice of pizza, Gino’s is the place to go!”

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